That's that.

This is it for livejournal-
My final entry: number 891.

I had planned to say something profound or reflective,
but it doesn't really matter. It's all been said over the past
three years.

If you should ever like to get in touch with me:

AIM: Igneous83


new hair
fresh perpective

kitty bumps.
I love my baby kitty.

meet Black Debbie and Polly.

I need tonight like I need "a hole in my head"
it's going to be fun of "gigantic" proportions

then Brion's party

fiestar no es un verbo

Es el cinco de Mayo.

Lo que va a pasar esta noche es un misterio,
pero vamos a ver. Solamente Rachel y Ezra saben.


No es el día de independencia para los Mexicanos-
es el día en que celebramos La Batalla de Puebla contra
los franceses y la monarquía impuesta por Napoleón III.

También celebro mis últimos clases de Español, porque ya terminé mis examenes.

so fuck yeah.

Baltimore Uber Alles

I have mixed feelings about Baltimore.
It's been a long time since I was a city girl,
but I think I've always been a small town girl.

We'll see. I just hope B-more doesn't turn me
into a hard ass hose beast.

Here's some photographic documentation:

Image hosted by
The Baltimobile

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
A neighborhood in B-more

Image hosted by
My new friends from New York who are also moving to B-more to be teachers and counselors (respectively)
These are the only people I know in Baltimore right now,
and we had the craziest night ever when some scary girls tried
to abduct us.

Image hosted by
These are the cabs that only pick people up if they call ahead and ask for a cab... that is so fucked, only time will tell my fate in that tough little city.

Hello Baltimore!

Ok so...

Travelling all by myself is wicked scary and wicked awesome.

Baltimore gives me chills...

not like the ones that I got when I took a 38 degree shower
at the hostel this morning...

not like the ones when you get an eerie feeling...

but the kind of chills you get when you see
a mountain range
or a pretty sunset

It's all so overwhelming and incredible.
Today I got a job at a high school where I will
be creating the Spanish program.
I will be master of my domain!
The Maritime Academy is a new school in the system
with a student body of 350. They wear uniforms
and are either college prep or naval ROTC.

I just dipped into the library to change clothes
and use the internet.

Thus far, I think I can call this place home.
There's no place like Athens, but this I can handle.

The Baltimobile
aka my rental car is excellent
at tearing up the streets in B-more.

pictures and stories to come.

W stands for WASP

Yesterday I was headed for some bagel action at Zimm's.
When I got out of the car I saw a sticker on the back of an SUV.

It read:

And my stomach dropped to the floor.
That asshole could give a shit about women, their bodies, and their rights.
Any woman willing to buy into such a shallow idea is truly a victim of severe ignorance-
I'm guessing there is a staunch republican male behind it.

I can just imagine Bush's campaign managers sitting around...
"Man, I mean, women vote now! Can you believe that?! and this whole women's rights thing seems to be a hot-button issue. What's our platform on bitches? Oh really? Oh, that's not very woman-friendly... well what have we got? ...... women.... starts with 'W'.... Dubya starts with 'W'.... Let's roll with it! INTERN! C'mere. I want you to run this desgin to the printer and on your way make sure you yell derogatory things a ladies going into women's clinics. Also, be sure and flick off the people observing there right to choose at the arches. Remember, women have smaller feet, that's how we know that they can't handle the burden of deciding for themselves and owning their own bodies. GOD wants it that way."


i like this feeling

Let me tell you what a sense of accomplishemnt is.

Today I woke up, gathered all my boxes and bags,
and loaded my car to maximum capacity...
all by myself.

I then I made the 2 hour trek home and unloaded everything...
all by myself.

I returned to Athens in time to see Rachel compete in a modelling competition.
Then I competed as well, and although I did not win I feel sure that my towering 5 foot 3 inches stature
and confident smile gave those girls a run for their money.

I also made arrangements for a place to live in May.

Then, I dutifully came home and completed my term paper.

It's shortly after midnight and I have done everything
on my to-do list and then some.

I am now going to get wasted at the Caledonia.

thank you.

you breathe twice as much as the average july or katherine

I am the moving MASTER.
done and done.

My dad's SHIPS were missing and I asked him if they were in the harbor.
Commodore Locher informed me that they were currently dry-docked,
but that there were some lighthouses now.

So, now I just have to make this term paper my bitch,
and the hellish week will be over...
for the most part.

Oh, and apparently Pain and Wonder is using my tattoo for advertisment in the Flagpole this week.
My Immaculate Artichoke is a STAR!!!!


fuck moving

When this is all said and done,
I'm going to need a heavy sedative.

Does anyone want:

-a scanner
-assorted frames
-a stereo missing the cd tray
-a 35mm that works only in full sunlight
-two cd towers
-a broken record player
-an inflatable whale
-a male cat that likes to yell?